Alpin brands: AlpinPro, AlpinTec, BlueVision και Komodo. Each one has to uphold the quality of materials and construction that we expect from each of our products.

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  • Binoculars 323201

    991.67 (with FPA )

    The giant Binoculars 323201 of the highest quality by Bosma. The particular cylinder provides a large volume of light necessary…

  • Telescopic Zoom Scope 203501 ED

    811.34 (with FPA )

    This telescopic zoom scope by BOSMA comes with extra-low dispersion ED (Extra -low Dispersion) glass lenses that deliver optimal edge-to-edge…

  • Telescope 100102-EP

    760.84 (with FPA )

    Refractor telescope/Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical System / Telescope 100102-EP Bluevision. Earthly Image Observation (included) This telescope combines ease of transportation and quality…

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  • Telescope 110102

    759.43 (with FPA )

    Binocular Telescope / Refractor Optical System / Telescope 110102 Bosma. Maximum magnification without problems: 204x. Suitable for stellar photography

  • Night scope WH-35

    469.01 (with FPA )

    A high-magnification night vision binoculars for distant observation and good performance. Night scope WH-35

  • Field scope 202010

    404.86 (with FPA )

    There is no competition for the 20-60×80ED models in long range viewers. Waterproof. Rubber-coated. Field scope 202010

  • Telescope 110105-CK

    378.00 (with FPA )

    Binocular Telescope / Refractor Optical System / Telescope 110105-CK BOSMA. Magnification: 50x & 20x (highest: 35x-120x). Transportation bag

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  • Flashlight T2417 | PROTECH | 12000 lumen | Handheld

    281.70 (with FPA )

    12,000-lumen Rechargeable Aluminium Handheld, Extreme High Power for Demanding Missions

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  • Telescope 112402

    296.88 (with FPA )

    Spotting Scopes - Telescope 112402 - Refractor Optical System Ideal for observation of far away targets as well as beggining observing…

  • Telescope mount EM-10+STP1

    294.50 (with FPA )

    Telescope mount EM-10+STP1. Bluevision. Tripod:  1.25’’ Stainless Steel. Polar scope: 6x20 built-in. Worm-gears: 360 degree. For telescope: 100102-ΕP

    Out of stock
  • Distometer 364904

    274.33 (with FPA )

    A precision Distometer 364904 so you can have it with you on a hunt. With maximum measurable distance of 1500…

  • Telescope 120206

    207.71 (with FPA )

    Refractor-Newton Telescope  / Telescope Newton - Spherical Reflector System / Telescope 120206. Suitable for stellar photography