Professional pocketknives in many shapes and sizes

  • Stainless steel
  • Multi tool
  • Different lengths
  • Πιστοποιητικά: CE & GS
  • Special blades
  • Comfortable handles
  • Unique design
  • Quality construction
The well-known reliable pocket knives KOMODO. For the car, the rescuer, the climber, the fisherman, the speleologist, the craftsman, the camper etc
In many designs, blade lengths & special functions! All stainless steel.
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  • Machete WA-074BK

    65.97 (with FPA )

    Machete  Bombardier. With a 4 mm thick steel blade 420, its construction gives you a perfect balance of power and…

  • Raymond

    64.48 (with FPA )

    WithArmour Raymond is a fairly simple, light and comfortable model. Its blade is made of high quality D2 steel

  • Bravedge

    64.10 (with FPA )

    WithArmour's "Bravedge" business knife will become your best friend in camping and in all your outdoor activities. The blade, made…

  • Terminator

    53.61 (with FPA )

    The WithArmour Terminator Karambit is a masterpiece in its class. Its G10 grip is very slim but also very durable.…

  • Sheepfoot

    56.97 (with FPA )

    WithArmour's Sheepfoot is a pocket knife that, thanks to the latest bearings technology, opens easily and is ready to use…

  • Flint


    The "Flint" model from the company WithArmour, although small, is just as effective as a large knife. It is equipped…

  • Woodman

    54.77 (with FPA )

    The Woodman hatchet from WithArmour is designed for true outdoor enthusiasts. It has an ergonomic handle made of high quality…

  • Dro

    48.50 (with FPA )

    The WithArmour's "Dro" model is a fast-folding pocket knife thanks to its state-of-the-art bearings. This knife has the feel of…

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  • Storms

    47.99 (with FPA )

    The "Storms" model from WithArmour is an everyday pocket knife (EDC knife) with a "tactical" look. Its balance is in…

  • Black Lynx

    47.00 (with FPA )

    The Knife "Black Lynx" of WithArmour company is a powerful folding "Karambit" which its design is based on the traditional…

  • Eagle Claw EDC

    44.00 (with FPA )

    WithArmour's "Eagle Claw EDC" is the newest and most popular model of the "tactical" series. This model is designed for…

  • Torpedo

    44.00 (with FPA )

    The WithArmour Torbedo although small, is just as effective as a large knife. It is equipped with the latest technology…