Flashlight LR-70A1

16.49 (with FPA )

A flashlight that can be used in many ways and gives you the ability to easily free your hands! Flashlight LR-70A1



Flashlight LR-70A1

Flashlight type “Gamma” 

A lens that can be used in many ways & easily free your hands!

  • Waterproof aluminum with 1 high brightness LED.
  • Made of aerospace aluminum
  • Easy activation and low brightness for everyday use.
  • Specially designed rhomboid groove for better grip.
  • Hard anodization of military specifications
  • Steel Holding Clip
  • Battery operating hours:
  1. High mode 1 hours – 85Lumens
  2. Low mode  20 hours – 10Lumens
  3.  FLASHING 4 hours – quick
  4. SOS-FLASHING 23 hours
  • Batteeries: 1x 2AA Alkaline batteries (included)
  • Impact protection: Up to 1 meter
  • Size 022mm x 95mm.
  • Weiht: 62g [with bateries]
  • Certification(s): CE, RoHs

Accessories (Packaging)

  • Head band
  • Head base

Accessories (optional)



High performance and extremely reliable LED circuit! Which plays an important role in effectively transferring energy from the battery to the LED. With this excellent performance and long service life are achieved compared to competing products. While the majority of lenses and individual lighting systems suffer from a steady decrease in brightness during use, this product with the installation of this modern circuit achieves the ability to maintain its high illumination performance until the battery is depleted.


Can be used with rechargeable batteries Ni-MH! (not included)

Important: Always use good quality batteries. Failure to use good quality battery or confusion with different label may cause fire, leakage, explosion with serious personal injury. Keep the product away from children.

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