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Please read Alpinpro warranty terms & conditions.
*Important : Keep the receipt. Without the receipt the warranty is not valid.

Table of warranty period for the products.

Hand-held Flashlight & Head Flashlight 1 48 month charge-free repair
Diving Flashlights 12 month charge-free repair
Chargers, batteries and Remote control switches 6 month charge-free repair
Hand-held Flashlight & Head Flashlight 2 24 month charge-free repair
1HL-04IR, HL-03R, TM-04R, TM-03R, LT-70A3, AT-402, LT-6CB
PR-60C2, AT-10A, ALX-911, AT-802AA, PS-46D, LT-1813D, WT-501, TM-02R, TM-01R, LR-70A1

AlpinPro Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty: After the end of their respective warranty periods, all AlpinPro flashlights will receive support through the Limited Lifetime Warranty. The type of this warranty covers the cost of labor and maintenance except for parts or spare parts that will be needed as well as any transport.
We provide a warranty for our products for up to 4 years. During the warranty period we will repair or replace an AlpinPro lens that has ceased to operate normally. Please refer to the table below to see warranty periods between products.